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Top 5 books on nature photography

James Aldred’s Goshawk Summer recounts a summer of confinement spent filming birds of prey against a backdrop of less noise pollution and less human disturbance. A deserted forest meant a unique and magical opportunity for the wildlife photographer. Here he lists his top five books on wildlife photography.

01 Goshawk by Robert Kenward (T & AD Poyser)

The ultimate monograph on the natural history of the Northern Goshawk. Packed with wonderful information about their demeanor, peppered with engaging field notes. The first stop for anyone interested in these birds.

02 Trees of Great Britain by Alan Mitchell (Collins)

Mitchell is the grandfather of every tree in Britain and this gem lists most of our oldest and most impressive specimens. Also includes detailed notes on where to find them in urban and rural. The ultimate guide to trees.

03 Stag of Great Britain and Ireland by Peter Carne (Swan Hill Press)

This covers the history and distribution of every deer currently living in the wild on our islands, native and introduced. Full of useful details about where they are and what they are doing at different times of the year, this is an invaluable source of obscure but extremely useful information.

04 The Otter by James Williams (Merlin Unwin Books)

What Williams – president of the Somerset Wildlife Trust otter group – didn’t know about otters isn’t worth knowing. It’s the go-to text for anyone curious about one of our most elusive and magical wild creatures. The English Plains Otter is a very different thing from its easier-to-see Scottish coastal relative; this book will help you find them yourself.

05 Running with the Fox by David Macdonald (Unwin Hyman)

Filled with solid scientific facts, wrapped in very engaging and accessible text. A good story ensures that deep learning of foxy facts remains effortless and fun.