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Top 5 Social Media Photography Trends For 2022 | Depositphotos | Open mic

Creative industries are constantly changing, and so is photography. Keeping an eye on the latest trends is vital for a thriving career. Especially when it comes to digital and social media practices. But some trends last much longer than a month or even a year. They stick around for a while and have a significant impact on how we see, capture and remember the world around us.

What kind of photography will be relevant on social media in the next 12 months? In this article, we share the answers, along with our top tips that will help you leverage this valuable knowledge in your career as a photographer, marketer, or content creator.

1.) Shooting on film

The metaverse is coming, but the analog world is going nowhere. It’s not a paradox, it’s one of the global creative trends in 2022. Our new reality is where our future merges with the past. Some have called film photography is not only a subculture, but also the future of digital media. It’s an interesting take and an accurate way to illustrate the magnitude of this long-term trend.

Film photos remain popular among brands, media, and everyday people around the world. They are praised for their color, grain, special atmosphere and aesthetics which have their own fanbase. just look @filmdécouvert and @f1rstoftheroll for reference and inspiration. If you’re open to experimenting and new (old) things, consider filming and you might find your career skyrockets.

2.) Take selfies

Many lockdowns have forced creatives to work within unusually tight confines. Like everyone else, photographers haven’t had access to other people, places and photo subjects for months. And they rose to that challenge by being more aware of their surroundings and creating self-portraits. Obviously, this genre was once trending, but it’s a staple now. In a way, you could say the selfies have been salvaged, and that’s what we’re here for.

By the way, if you check social media accounts dedicated to film photography, you will find that self-portraits on film are particularly popular. To explore @selfieonfilm for inspiration and ideas.

3.) Celebrate diversity and inclusiveness

If you look at professional photos created for brands and media on social platforms three to five years ago, you will find a relatively homogeneous group of people. However, the situation is finally changing. Businesses and creatives are open to the idea of make diverse and inclusive choices. They collaborate with people from different backgrounds in terms of age, skin color, gender identity, body, sexual preference, and other characteristics that vary from person to person.

Of course, this isn’t just a 2022 trend in photography or marketing. This is a long overdue transformation in our society that so many people are waiting for and fighting for. As a creative, you have the power to support these positive changes and celebrate diversity and inclusivity through your work.

4.) Not using filters

This photographic trend has been grow and spread over the past few years, and still going. Why is it important to have him on this list? Because you should know that could become a norm. These days, people expect a realistic approach to photography during filming and in post-production. Social media feeds are getting a makeover and it’s crucial to keep up. Otherwise, your visual assets may look outdated.

Spend more time thinking about and preparing for your photo shoots. Some effects that could easily be achieved with filters are also possible with certain lighting or a particular setting. Remember that by allowing yourself to have imperfections, you encourage others to do the same. It’s exactly what we all need after a decade of overusing filters and retouching.

5.) Go Mobile

It’s not news that current cell phones have great camera capabilities, but it’s not just about that. Authenticity has been a major trend and it has affected everything, including our relationship with visual content. When people see two high quality photos, they tend to know which one was taken with a camera and they like it less than the one taken on a mobile. They find it less appealing because they tend to be too polite.

As a professional, you might be averse to taking photos with your phone, but consider it an option. Shooting great visual content on mobile can help you reduce the distance between your work and the viewer, and create a stronger connection instead. And since our phones keep getting better, there’s no need to compromise on the quality of your work.

In a word

These are the latest photography trends you can expect to see across all social media platforms in 2022. In short, rely on mobile photography more often, prioritize natural aesthetics, and collaborate with people from different backgrounds. Now that you know the trends, you have everything you need to implement that knowledge in your creative and business work. Save this article and use it as a useful reminder throughout the year.