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Two Pulitzer Prizes awarded for Breaking News Photography

James Rainey | Los Angeles Times

Marcus Yam, a Los Angeles Times reporter with the courage of a warrior and the heart of a poet, won the Pulitzer Prize for News Photography on Monday for his harrowing and searing images of the fall of Kabul, Afghanistan, to Taliban fighters l ‘last summer.

Yam delivered images of indescribable tragedy and lingering emotion despite being mistreated by one of the insurgents, the near-constant threat from other fighters, and the many technical hurdles of transmitting images out of a war zone.

Yam’s award was for what the judges described as “raw and urgent footage of the American departure from Afghanistan that captured the human costs of historic change in the country.” He shared the award with four Getty Images photographers, praised for their “comprehensive and still captivating photos of the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol.”

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