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VHT Studios acquires TourFactory – RISMedia

VHT, Inc., recently announced the acquisition of the TourFactory photographic network.
The transaction brings together the two largest networks of real estate photographers in the country, according to the company.

The combination of photographers from VHT Studios and the TourFactory network of independent photographers and photography companies provides access to a large network of professional real estate photographers.

As part of this transaction, VHT and Collabra have entered into a multi-faceted partnership in which Collabra will take a stake in VHT, Inc., and VHT will assume ownership and management of the TourFactory platform for real estate photographers. Collabra will continue to provide its SEO marketing technology through the TourFactory network. In addition, VHT Studios will now become a sales channel for Collabra’s marketing solutions, providing current and potential VHT customers with access to Collabra technology.

The combination expands VHT’s reach and will also allow Collabra to focus on creating new and innovative marketing technologies for an industry besieged by disruption, the company said.

“This partnership means improvements and benefits for the TourFactory platform, suppliers and customers by leveraging 22 years of developing new visual marketing technologies for VHT real estate,” said Brian Balduf, CEO and president of VHT Studios, in a statement.

“Real estate professionals across the country can have access to high quality, professionally produced photographs, 3D tours, drone videos, aerial photographs, floor plans and virtual staging provided by local experts backed by industry pioneer resources, ”Balduf added.

TourFactory and VHT Studios are two long established brands in the real estate photography and visual marketing industry with over 40 years of combined experience.

“TourFactory has always focused on supporting local photographers by providing a convenient and robust platform to help them run their businesses and by providing marketing services to their clients,” said Russ Cofano, CEO of Collabra Technology, in a press release.

“VHT Studios is a fundamental business partner of the country’s leading brokers, builders and property management companies. The combination offers the best of both worlds, making it even easier for real estate professionals to work with the best creative talents in their markets and also have access to powerful marketing tools, ”added Cofano.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Source: VHT Studios