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Video: FPV drone flies over Tesla’s new factory

Tesla is undeniably a fascinating company. And to celebrate the latest addition to the brand state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Berlin, Germany, he posted an epic drone flyby video. Captured using a first-person-view (FPV) drone, the video showcases the many steps involved in making an electric vehicle. You will witness the formation of body panels, structural assembly and much more.

This is a video that will likely appeal to anyone who appreciates the art of modern craftsmanship. Look at all those robotic arms!

Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg

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The new “Berlin-Brandenburg Gigafactory” is Tesla’s first European factory to manufacture battery cells. It’s also “the brand’s most advanced, longest-lasting and most efficient installation to date.”

According to Tesla, producing batteries in-house allows them to reduce costs and improve overall manufacturing sustainability. In addition to producing battery cells for a range of Tesla models, the plant is also one of the main manufacturing sites for the new Tesla Model Y vehicle.

Currently, the Gigafactory is still under construction, which is revealed towards the end of the drone video. But it’s clear that Tesla is about to work. And it should be 100% operational by the end of the year.

Why did Tesla make the video?

FPV video is both sophisticated corporate marketing material and a smart recruiting tool: Tesla is currently on a huge hiring spree to staff this new facility. That said, marketing/recruiting material or not, it’s still undeniably fun to watch.

FPV video analysis

Unlike some other FPV we saw, this one was clearly not shot in one take. Nonetheless, the piloting skills shown here are just amazing – I really thought the drone was going to crash at 0:32.

No word on the pilot behind the video, or the model of drone used. But whoever was using “the sticks” clearly has a lot of experience!