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Visible Me photography exhibition puts Gold Coast seniors in the spotlight –

A new exhibit is ‘making the invisible visible’ by putting seniors in the spotlight, aiming to break down negative attitudes towards older generations.

visible to me is a photography project by Feros Care and Katie Hooper Art that showcases the beauty, wisdom and stories of 29 people aged 73 to 100 – both in digital form and for a limited time at the Robina Community Center.

Tarnya Sim, head of creative marketing at Feros Care, told myGC that she hopes the exhibit serves as a reminder that older people should be valued and celebrated.


“We so often hear that seniors feel invisible, that people meet them in the street, don’t ask them questions, don’t recognize them. It was to prove that behind every face is an extraordinary story,” she said.

“Each story is unique and proves that every wrinkle defines the story of someone’s life.

“We have Australia’s first female jockey, we have a man who bought jumping in Australia, we have a woman who qualified for two Olympics, and we have a man who walked with Fred Astaire and Ava Gardner for the launch of the film On The Beach as a Hollywood editor.

The portrait series shows the contrast between feeling invisible and feeling seen, with each image reflecting the individual’s unique personality and style.

“Working with these seniors has completely changed my perspective on aging and I want those who participate in the exhibit to feel the same way,” said artist Katie Hooper.

“These seniors present themselves as best they can and all they want in return is to be recognized as an equal part of society.”

visible to me will be on display at the Robina community Center Art Gallery from March 24 to April 4, 2022. The digital exhibition can be found at