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What do you do when you’re bored of photography?

The truth is that no matter how much you love photography, like anything else is life, there are likely to be times when you get fed up with it, whether it’s because of creative frustration, frustrating clients or something else. . So what do you do when this happens? This great video explains how to handle these times and come out the other side with renewed vigor for photography.

Coming from Mark Denney, this great video explains what to do when you’re a little bored with photography. If you’re an amateur photographer, you have the luxury of stepping away a bit to allow yourself to reset, but if you’re a professional, it can be a little trickier. The first thing to remember is that you shouldn’t feel guilty for being exhausted. People often think that because they’re doing something they’re passionate about instead of doing more traditional work, they should still be in love with it, otherwise they’re not grateful or really in love with the job, but that’s just not not the case. the truth. Don’t feel guilty for needing a break or wanting to change your approach; your mental well-being is far more important than subscribing to an unrealistic standard of creative living. Watch the video above for Denney’s full recap.