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Why Thinking About Your Photography Business Competitively Can Hurt You

The professional photography space is crowded, and if you’re trying to carve out a place for yourself, it can seem like a very competitive business. And while it’s true that establishing and maintaining your business can be a very competitive thing, it can actually be detrimental to think of it that way. This excellent video explains why and what a better approach might be.

Coming from Joe Edelman, this informative video explains why viewing photography as a competition can hurt your work and career success. I think it is important to consider. In a competitive mindset, we tend to try to outdo others in already established games, and in the world of photography, that can mean trying to create the same images that others have done thousands of times. , but better. But rather than do that and blend in with the crowd, why not find your true creative voice and establish a unique identity? Doing this can lead to much more success and satisfaction. Watch the video above for Edelman’s full thoughts.

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