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World Photography Day 2022, theme, history and meaning

World Photography Day 2022: Every year, World Photography Day is celebrated on August 19. To celebrate one of the most important art forms, photography, World Photography Day is observed. Photography is a means of expressing one’s emotions and personal expression. There is a famous saying that rightly says that a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes photographs convey a feeling more effectively than words. For many people, photography is both their hobby and their passion. Since the beginning of the 19th century, the photography industry has been progressing and reaching important milestones. Today, digital photography has replaced all older versions of photography due to advancements in camera technology. In this article, we have discussed the history, significance and theme of World Photography Day 2022.

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World Photography Day 2022: History

A photographic process called “Daguerreotypewas developed by Frenchmen Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1837. Earlier people depicted scenes by hand drawing or painting. In this process, a very detailed image was created on a sheet of copper. The sheet was then coated with a thin layer of silver. In this process, there was no use of negatives. This was the first method of obtaining a permanent image with a camera. The development daguerreotype became an immediate success which was a relatively inexpensive and accurate method. Photographic studios were quick to establish themselves all over the world. The French Academy of Sciences announced the Daguerreotype process on January 9, 1839. The French government acquired the patent for the invention and gave it away as a gift, “free to the world”. The first durable color photograph was taken in 1861. The first digital photography was invented in 1957.

World Photography Day 2022: Meaning

World Photography Day is commemorated to celebrate the tremendous growth achieved by the photography industry. Photography is a medium through which stories, ideas, places, experiences and moments are captured and preserved as memory. One of the means of knowing the History and all the other facts related to the past is photography. Moments are captured and remain immortal for generations.

World Photography Day is marked to motivate the younger generation to choose photography as a career option. Photography brings out talent and creativity that are sometimes hidden and unnoticed. There are many themes under which one can train such as wildlife photography, nature photography, etc. World Photography Day 2022 can be celebrated by capturing your best photo and posting it to Instagram using the hashtag #WorldPhotographyDay.

World Photography Day 2022: theme

The theme for World Photography Day 2022 is “The pandemic lockdown through the lens”. The theme emphasizes that the way we see the pandemic lockdown through the lens means the camera. The lockdown was imposed due to the corona virus pandemic and during this time many people learned the technique of photography.

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FAQ: World Photography Day 2022

Q.1 When is World Photography Day 2022 celebrated?

Rep. World Photography Day 2022 is celebrated on August 19, 2022.

Q.2 What is the theme of World Photography Day 2022?

Rep. The theme for World Photography Day 2022 is “The pandemic lockdown through the lens”.

Q.3 When was the first durable color photograph taken?

Rep. The first durable color photograph was taken in 1861.

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